“La Escuela Universitaria de la Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao” is a university that provides degrees in business studies and marketing.

They give a practical side to learning that is hard to achieve anywhere else. During the third or fourth year at the Chamber of Commerce, students are allowed to go abroad to countries like the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany… to do a year at the universities they have an agreement with, this is known as an “Erasmus program”. Students from towns like Lyon and Regensburg also come to study in Bilbao.

Lyon, France, is a diverse city that has a lot to offer such as shopping centres, restaurants, etc. It is notorious for its festivals like the light festival that takes place each year. Apart from this, its gastronomy is universally renowned. IUT Lyon is the local university where countability, rights, maths and many more subjects can be learnt. This university also organises numerous events with associations, for instance dance students Bosnia.

Regensburg is a city located in the South of Germany. Teeming with breathtaking architecture, it has an old centre and its cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site, there is also a castle where the royal family lives. Food wise, brunch is very popular, especially foods like white sausages, pretzels and sweet mustard. During summer nights, people hang out around the island and listen to music. There are two universities in this city: University OTH Regensburg, an extremely vast university for applied sciences including 8 faculties that was founded in 1971; and the University of Regensburg, with 11 faculties and 22000 students.

Students choose to come to Bilbao because they get to see what they have studied being applied in practice, as well as allowing them to get to know everyone due to its small size. Erasmus is an opportunity which we must take hold of to obtain a unique life experience.

Maddalen Lázaro ( 1st Bachillerato)