The Summer adventure is back!

Soon, we´ll set sail in the edge of an exciting Summer Camp 2024!

Curso de Verano 1

Join the best summer adventure!

Curso de Verano 2


Our summer camp offers a playful and natural setting where students can fully immerse themselves in the English language, enhancing their learning experience.

Curso de Verano 4


The school’s privileged environment encourages outdoor recreational activities.

Curso de Verano 6


Exciting activities, educational experiences, and sports training will all be integral components of our course.

Curso de Verano 8


Throughout the SUMMER CAMP, students will engage in a diverse range of artistic activities aimed at enhancing their inner expression and fostering creative thinking.

Curso de Verano 10

Emotional workshop

The human brain is most receptive to understanding and retaining concepts when they are acquired within a suitable emotional context. At our school, we focus on nurturing Conscious Emotional Bonding (CEB) to facilitate this process.

Curso de Verano 12

Science Workshop

Through different activities and experiments, students will have the opportunity to learn, understand, and interpret scientific concepts in a real-life context and situation.

Curso de Verano 14


Students will engage in a variety of sports disciplines, including Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Volleyball, which not only provide enjoyment but also play a crucial role in their physical and psychological growth.

Curso de Verano 16


Our school’s exceptional location fosters a spirit of adventure and encourages active participation in outdoor activities, providing students with valuable experiences and memories.

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