After the horrible pandemic, we’ve been through, I can say with great joy that we’ve been able to resume our “ Five weeks in Ireland” programme.

This journey began in Loiu AirPort on September the 6 th and will end on October the 11 th. Catalina, Julia, Carlota, Sofía, Naia, Blanca, Inés, Marta, Irene , Mariana, Janire, Ane , Claudia, Helena and Martina are the members of This grand group which is looked after by Ayaldes’ teacher, Erika Alonso.

The girls are distributed into different families and schools such as: St. Mary’s National School, Ravenswell Primary School, St. Olafs National School, St. Patrick’s GNS ( Ballyroan), St. Kevins Girls School and St. Colmcilles National School where are always welcomed by the Principal Mr. B. Mc GOWAN and the deputy principal Mr. D. Mc Govern.

Irish teachers and families tell Erika about the great level of English our pupils arríved with. It is delightful to see how well they cope in the Irish enviroment. On Saturdays We go to an English class in the mornings with the aim of gaining a qualification within the European Curriculum and then, we go on different excursions such as cycling in Phoenix park, visiting The Dublinia Museum and the city centre, enjoying the Aquapark or going to the cinema and having a milkshake. After that, we go to mass.

This experience , as well as learning to get by in the language of Shakespeare, help us to be more independent, respectful and to be aware of how lucky we are to experience the beautiful and friendly Ireland.