Once again, Colegio Ayalde is participating at the International MUN Conference held from Saturday 15th October to Tuesday 18th October 2022, hosted by Royal Russell School (UK) being this year its 40th Anniversary.

Royal Russell School was the first British school to set up an annual MUN conference.  The structure of the conference is Opening Speeches, followed by Committee Sessions and General Assembly with Security Council in permanent session. There is also an International Court of Justice. Such structure makes a heavy daily schedule, full of information and Resolutions they need to agree on and pass the Approval Panel.

Our students are showing an excellent level of understanding and participation during their sessions, being between the few schools to come that don’t have the English language as their mother tongue. Teachers on Campus agree that these experiences make our students tougher and braver than others. Most of them are really committed to the role they play representing their Delegations.

This year we are taking 4 Delegations with 4-6 students each. As years before, we are staying on the School Campus, which is absolutely beautiful. We hope we can continue to come and make the most of it!