News from Ireland - Verónica Real de Asua 1

My experience in Ireland was amazing.

When I said bye to my family at the airport I was so nervous and really scared, but when I met my Irish family, I realised that everything was going to be great because they were very kind and sweet.

In my family, there were two girls who were nine. They also were twins. They wanted to be with me all the time. In the afternoon, we played outside with some friends from the neighbourhood. We were lucky because the weather was fantastic and we could stay outside most of the time.

I went to St Olaf ́s School and I was lucky because I was with one of my friends from Ayalde. Even though we were together we played with our classmates and we made very good friends and we are still keeping in touch with them.

On Saturdays, it was the best day of the week because I joined all the friends and we could be together and having a good chat. We made very cool journeys and good classes in the morning.

I am very happy about making the decision to go to Ireland and I am also very proud of myself. I learnt a lot of English and i enjoyed a lot too.

The last few days I was really excited to go back home but on the other hand, I was a bit sad to leave Dublin and my Irish family invited me to come back in summer.