News from Ireland - Paula Ruiz 1

My time in Ireland has been great.

I had a very nice family and the kids were fantastic. I had a nine years old sister who I was playing with all the time. I also had a three years old brother who was very cute and funny.

The first week was a bit hard because I was homesick but after that everything was great and time flew by!!!!!

I normally phoned my parents on Wednesdays and Sundays and I made notes with things that I had to talk about!!!! I didn’t want to forget anything.

The best day of the week was Saturday because I could see my friends and do amazing activities. I also loved my Irish school where I learnt a lot. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I had very nice friends at school like: Lily and Ciara who I keep in touch with.

At school I also had time to do the Spanish homework because the level there is lower than here.

If you could go, do it!! Its the best experience I ́ve ever had!!!! Why don’t you try?