News from Ireland - Martina Perinat 1

I’ve been in Ireland for 5 weeks. It was amazing, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, perfect, brilliant!!!! I’ll never forget this experience.

My school was St. Colmcilles S.N.S. It’s a fantastic school. All the students were nice and friendly with me. The principal was very very nice as well. I had a lot of fun in that school and I also made a lot of new friends.

My Irish family was wonderful. They always wanted to have a very good time with me during the five weeks. I did a lot of funny and curious activities with them.

The names of my Irish family were: the mother Philippa, the father Frank the older sister Tiffany and the younger sister Lilly. They also had another Italian student called Benedetta. All of them were very nice. I think I was very lucky. We always were having lots of fun.

Finally, all Saturdays we had to go to Rockbrook School to take a bus that took us to Rosemount School. There, we had English classes in order to prepare the TP exam.

After that, we went to do an activity to have fun with all my friends. For example, we went to the Dublinia Museum in the city center, to the Aquazone (the biggest aquapark in Ireland), to Dumdrum shopping Center, to Jump Zone (a place full of trampolines), cycling in Phoenix park surrounded by deers… As you can see lots of amazing activities.