News from Ireland - Maite Urteaga 1

I will never forget my time in Ireland.

Some girls told me that the first days could be hard, but not for me. I was so happy with my family. I had only one sister, but it was great and my Irish parents were so nice. Sometimes, when I was bored, I went with Georgia (my sister) to play. She was six, so I helped her with her homework.

I was in Ravenswell Primary School and I had new friends since I arrived. I was in 5th Primary, so it was so easy but I have time to catch up with Ayalde ́s homework and I could improve my English.

Every Tuesday, I went with Georgia to yoga Class. It was grand to learn new way of relaxing.

On Saturdays, we had two hours on English lessons, most of the time were games in order to improve our speaking. After lunch we had an excursion. We went to very cool places. We visited Dublin city centre, to an Aquapark, we went shopping to Graphton St., and we also went to a Jumping zone.

On Sundays, I normally was with the family. We did lots of cool things, like going to the cinema or visiting Irish places like Glendalough.

I didn’t like the weather but we were very lucky because it wasn’t very rainy. Talking about the food, it was different but I ate everything because they made a big effort for cooking food I liked. Close to my house were magnificent fields full of horses and we went for a walk every weekend.

This experience was unforgettable and I really loved it.