News from Ireland - Luisa Arana 1

My time in Ireland has been awesome.

The first week was a little bit hard because moving to another family isn´t always very easy. But I had to think that I was there to have a good time and that helped me to get over the first week and people were very kind to me and helped me to make this experience grand.

When the first week passed I forgot that I was in an Irish family and talking to my family on the phone helped me a lot because they gave lots of advices about what to do. After the first week time flew.

The best day of the week for me was Saturday because I met my friends and I did lots of entertaining activities.

On Saturdays my Irish parents took me to Rosemont school to study English and after lunch we had an excursion and we had lots of fun.

On Sundays, we did some activities with the host family and It was amazing.

I loved this experience It was great!!!!! And in the end I didn´t want to go back home.