News from Ireland - Lucía Pérez 1

My experience in Ireland has been amazing.

My family was very kind. There were 6 members in the family; a girl who is 18 and her twin, a 10 years old girl and another one who is six.

Apart of the family, there was an Italian student that was my age. We did everything together.
The irish people are very nice.

I was in St. Olaf´s school. All the children were very kind and funny. This experience has been unique.

From Monday to Friday, I went with a friend from Ayalde at school. On Saturdays Ayalde´s pupils joined to study English and after lunch we always did an excursion like; going to the aquapark, going cycling, going to the Jump-zone, tourism in Dublin, going shopping….

Each Sunday my Irish family and I did a different plan. One Sunday we went shopping another one we went to a festival.
Myexperience has been unforgettable and I´ve also improved my English a lot.

I enjoyed a lot and I think that is an incredible experience.