On Tuesday 5th September we went to Ireland.

From the airport, we went to Rockbrook School. There our host families picked us up. That´s when the adventure really began.

During the week we went to school wearing our Ayalde´s uniform. The first day I was very nervous about the school but Aiala (a girl from Ayalde) was in the class next door and a boy from Munabe was in the same class as me.

At weekends: on Saturdays we met our friends at Rosemont School and then we went on field trips; and on Sundays we spent the day with our families.

The first Saturday we went to Leopardstown Racecourse (horse racing) and on Sunday we went for a walk in the mountains.

The second Saturday we went to Malahide Castle and on Sunday I went shopping with the family.

The third Saturday we went to the National Aquatic Centre, which was really fun and on Sunday I spent the day playing at home with the family.

The fourth week Diana came and we went to Dublinia Museum and on Sunday the family took me to a pool.

And the last Saturday we went to Stephen´s Green Shopping Centre and on Sunday I began packing my suitcase.

And on Tuesday 10th October we came back to Spain!