News from Ireland - Ainhoa Gandarias 1

I really think that this has been the best experience in my life!!!!

The first week was a little bit hard for me because I had to speak another language, be in another family and make new friends.

The first day at school I also thought that it was going to be really hard and strange but it wasn’t, because when I made new friends, I started to speak fluent English and I get used to the new timetable… Everything was grand!!!!
Everybody was so kind and tried to help me when I didn’t understand. Because of that I didn’t have any problems at all.

In my host family I was so happy and I felt so confy. I was always laughing and having fun and when I was bored I had something to do with them like baking, playing the piano, going for a walk or playing games.

Summarizing, I was always entertained and having fun and when I was a little bit sad, they were always making me laugh and helping me when I needed it!!!

Thanks a lot for this time in Dublin!!!