(Written by María Fernández, 1 Bach, Youth Director for Club Partnerships)

Step by step and year by year, MUN Impact has been growing in our world. First and foremost, it has completely changed me and my fellow classmates, but it is capable of changing any individual’s life for the better. That is our purpose: to change the world for the better. However, to make this happen we need to put our words into action because if not, what difference would it make? This is why this program exists: to make our dream of enhancing the world come true. So let’s do this!

As the Youth Director for Club Partnerships worldwide, my main goal is to work with clubs to plan some kind of action campaign and a MUN Impact awareness event. Besides this, we will be responsible for ensuring that the MUN Impact message is spread to as many high school students as possible. I believe this year MUN Impact will greatly succeed and no one can stop us.

MUN Impact is a global community that believes in the power of Model United Nations to inform, inspire, and motivate its participants to action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).