As is a tradition at Colegio Ayalde, on March 17 we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland who is credited with having introduced Christianity to that country.

It has been a special day in which Preprimary students have enjoyed a festivity that has given them the opportunity to become a little more familiar with culture and traditions of English-speaking countries and, at the same time, has provided them new linguistic inputs, vocabulary and expressions related to that celebration.

As soon as they arrived at school, all the students of the second cycle of preprimary, put on the crown that, with great enthusiasm, they had made on previous week.

All the crowns were different but in all of them the shamrock (three-leaf clover) was present. This is one of the great icons of Ireland. Saint Patrick himself used it to explain with its three leaves, the existence of The Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

The students have also learned about the legend of the Leprechaun, a very mischievous pixie who lived in Ireland and kept treasures in cauldrons. In addition, they have learned the song “I´m a Little Leprechaun” where the students have been able to practice actions as well as review the vocabulary they have learned.

They have also find out that at this festivity it is typical to dress up in Green color as this is the predominant color in the Irish landscape. Hence that in our celebration, we have green sweaties and we have also taken the opportunity to play typical children games like musical chairs; duck, duck, goose, …

We have had a great time and we will not easily forget about it. It has been a great success that has lead us to think about the next activity we are going to do in the near future.

We will keep you posted!