October 17th is the International Day of Poverty, which links in with SDG 1. Therefore, we decided to organise a 2-week school-wide collection of clothes which we would then donate to charity.

In order to publicise this collection in the primary years, we hosted a fashion show on October 17th in order to encourage the younger students to donate as much as possible. The models wore outfits which they would then donate to the charity.

The students in the MUN Impact team had to organise the logistics of making sure the venue was available, sound equipment and decorations, awareness posters and information emails to parents, speaking with the charity to bring in containers to collect the clothes and a practice run through with the models.

On the day, the fashion show turned out to be very successful and quite a few girls (and teachers) participated, setting a very good example to the rest of the students. Now, all the students are hoping that another fashion show will be held so they can participate as well. In the end, we filled two large cages with bags of clothes for the charity Coopera, which is part of Caritas.