As every year, Mr. Javier Bicarregui visited Ayalde to tell students about the special relationship between the UK and Bilbao. On the other hand, Sam talked about british culture and Natalie, who currently works in infantil in Ayalde, gave information about Nicaragua.

This month we have enjoyed a talk in the English class about British culture for 1st and 2nd Bachillerato. Sam has told us about important facts about Britain and the difference with Spanish culture. Problems British people have with pronunciation of Spanish words, the origin of different words… Everything using humour. In addition, there has been an interesting interaction with the speaker.

On the other hand, Mr. Javier Bicarregui talked 3rd ESO students about important information on the influence of the British in Bilbao and about the trade relations between Bilbao and Great Britain. As he explained, Bilbao and Vizcaya have for centuries a very special relations that have reached us in different ways and that today form a part of our every day lives. Furthermore, he said that it is also a fact that these traditions are being gradually lost, which regrettably means that we are loosing part of our heritage.

Finally, the students of 2nd ESO have enjoyed a talk by Natalie, who currently works in Infantil in Ayalde. She comes from Leeds but has spent some time in Nicaragua. She has given us some relevant information about the country, what the schools are like there. Comparing and contrasting it to Spain. The students have been shown photographs of rural areas and Natalie has asked questions like: “Why do you think girls in Nicaragua don’t attend High School? “, making our students aware of the problems of going to school in Nicaragua. She has asked them too how many want to go to university and has told them about the rate of students that have the chance in Nicaragua which is very low.

Afterwards Natalie has focused on her own personal experience related to her teaching training and experience in the country. Twice a week teaching kids with little resources.
A great experience for our 2nd ESO students. Thanks Natalie for making us aware of such vulnerable areas and congratulations for trying to help these students in Nicaragua and giving part of your time.